Conditions Of Use

Restrictions on Use

The Online Reporting system is intended solely for use by Financial Institutions operating in the Republic of Ireland which are regulated by, or otherwise obliged to report to, the Central Bank of Ireland.

Only those institutions which have been set up on the system by the Central Bank of Ireland are permitted to use the system, and only employees of these institutions or responsible agents in good standing are allowed to log in to the system to view or enter data.

Any unauthorised use of this system is strictly prohibited – it may only be used by the institutions and individuals authorised to do so, and only for its intended purpose.

Legal Basis

Using the Online Reporting system to submit data is intended to be a more efficient way of processing returns than the existing methods (which include paper, diskette, email and website). In all cases, the legal basis on which the data are submitted is the same, and the rights and responsibilities of both the submitting Institution and the Central Bank of Ireland are not affected.

In particular, the use of the Online Reporting system by an authorised person to submit data is considered to have the same legal standing as submitting the data with a paper or electronic signature. Use of the system is deemed to constitute an acceptance of this policy.


Every individual who uses the Online Reporting system is assigned a unique name and password. It is their responsibility to keep these secure – passwords should never be disclosed to anyone for any reason, including the Institution or Central Bank of Ireland administrators (see Security Guidelines).

Therefore, every individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own use of the system – and for any activities carried out under their account. This specifically includes all data entry and modification.

Institution administrators are responsible for their institution’s overall use of the system, and in particular for the activities of the other institution users that they create.

The Central Bank is responsible for the overall security of the system, and for maintaining the confidentiality of all data submitted by the institutions using the system.


All information provided on this page is intended as a guide only, and does not purport to be a legal interpretation.

In the event of any discrepancy between the terms and conditions specified on this website and those specified in the relevant legislation, the interpretation in the official legislation is the authoritative one.